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I witnessed two full size trees being taken for a walk this morning!  They were two replacement trees that were needed for my client’s established avenue of  Robinia pseudoacacia Umbraculifera.  As a designer it is relatively easy to source mature specimens but the real skill comes in physically getting them from the lorry to their final place – negotiating narrow country lanes, overhanging trees and then finally a romp across a field, back into the garden and to the trees’ final resting place in the avenue!

The avenue forms part of an interesting project which has involved me drawing together a number of established elements of the garden which currently do not relate to each other, into a more coherent formal design.  

The design includes a new avenue of Malus Evereste, a formal garden enclosed with existing (and new) mature box hedging and a lawn with existing naturalised spring bulbs.  The planting in the formal garden will be a mixture of herbs, perennials and grasses.