Project Description

A Sea of Grasses

A sea of Stipa tenuissima which shimmies and sways in the slightest breeze, provides a mesmerising and relaxing back drop to my clients’ Suffolk seaside home.

They wanted a garden where they could entertain, play and relax with a large seating area near the house, a sunken seating area protected from the strong sea winds, a small orchard and a lawn for games. The whole garden was to meld seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

A sinuous mown path leads from the terrace through the sea of grasses to a large lawn which is sheltered from the winds by a low curved grassy mound on one side and an arc of taller grasses which dance in the wind and catch the light.  A small orchard beyond the mound has been sown with wild flowers to attract wildlife into the garden.

The planting directly next to the house is restricted to drought tolerant, Mediterranean planting, including silvery foliage, purple, blue and white flowers to contrast against the black clapper board. Bands of grey sandstone interspersed with loose stone and creeping thyme stretch the length of the house, leading to the main seating area with views down the garden to the wider landscape and to a sheltered, west-facing sunken seating area, enclosed with mature shrubs and scented lavender.

Photos copyright Marianne Majerus & Sue Townsend