Project Description

Beneath the Beach

Situated right on the beach front in Aldeburgh, this courtyard garden is used for entertaining family and friends. As the garden is set below the beach path, terraces and steps were designed using beautifully crafted buff coloured paddle stone walls topped with York stone, to account for the change in levels.  A water bowl set on the lowest terrace acts as a focal point from the house and seating area and looks wonderful when lit up at night.

To the south,  steps lead up to the gate to the beach and to the north another set leads up to a circular seating area to enjoy the afternoon sun and views of the terrace planting.

A curved stone bench backed with herbs and seaside planting is the perfect spot to gather around the fire pit, whilst the large terrace provides ample space for entertaining around a table.  Subtle garden lighting picks up the sculptures, the textures of the walls and the planting transforming it into a wonderfully atmospheric place to be.

Photos copyright Sue Townsend