Project Description

Plant away

Faced with large expanses of lawn and open spaces around their beautiful Suffolk country home, my clients initially called me in to design a series of textural and colourful planting schemes with different moods that would enliven the various areas of the garden and bring interest at different times of year.

In the Pump Garden, pleached liquidambar trees and evergreen hedging was used to enclose the space with large beds of perennials, spring bulbs and grasses providing movement and colour throughout the year. Against a shady ancient wall hostas, ferns, and perennials create a cool, lush feel. Close to the seating and entertaining area leading out from the house ethereal grasses and wafting perennials provide a light touch and a long season of interest.

In the Walled Garden smouldering oranges, reds, yellow and purples spark off each other to dramatic effect close to the thatched summerhouse. On the opposite side of the main lawn a rhythm of dry shade tolerant ferns, hellebores and ground cover soften the base of the long brick wall. Closer to the entrance to the Walled Garden and around the front door, cottage garden planting is used to ground the house in its locality and to give a soft gentle feel with wisteria over the door and fragrant honeysuckle clambering up a wall.

A new quirky element to the garden is a Marquee Lawn and a swirl parterre which will add a sculptural and fun element for guests at a forthcoming party.

Photos copyright Richard Bloom